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Center Philosophy

Crown Kiddo Education is an Approved Childcare Provider granted by the Department of Education and Training in VIC.

Center Philosophy

Crown Kiddo educators are the soul of the centre like sunrise energy as a golden tunnel with forever light. We light up the centre with happiness, laughs, giggles and encouragements because we believe in ‘EVERY CHILD MATTERS’ and ‘NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND’.

Meaningful conversations and positive partnerships with our families nourish us to become better educators to enrich my knowledge in child development, individual needs, intelligence, and potential as well as families’ expectations.

Crown Kiddo Education fosters children’s self-confidence, leadership, and respect for self and others, encourages children to grow as self-motivated, intellectually engaged learners who will serve their larger communities as good stewards, leaders, and ambassadors of peace.

Crown Education supports children using the authentic approach—a multi-dimensional educational system that allows for individualized teaching and for children to learn and be challenged at theirown pace as they develop academically preparing for schooling.

In order to cater for eachchild’s diversity, group and individualized activity plans are programmed, planning and implemented. Children learn to share their views, feelings, andideas with their peers so as to get a better comprehension of themselves andpeople around them, as well as learn to appreciate the strengths of themselvesand others. Innovative and creative learning materials, theme-oriented education spaces and conceptualized pedagogy is used to guide children how to acknowledge their own virtues and those of others, embrace personal shortcomings and make improvements proactively to develop higher self-esteem, searching for one’s own identity as an alternative to assimilation and determination to resilience.


The vision of Crown Kiddo Education is to provide children with a hands-on learning experience that teaches them relevant knowledge and skills. Distinguishing Crown Education is that we take pride in being more than an early childhood educational experience.

The goal of the Crown Kiddo Education program is to provide children with the knowledge and skills to thrive in their educational career as lifelong learners, encourage them a strong focus on critical thinking, logical thinking, independence, presentation skills, mathematics, culture, and practical lifeskills etc. We do this by tailoring our educational programs to suit thedevelopment needs and interests of each child. We aim to ignite a love oflearning in our Crown Kiddo children. Ultimately, we want to prepare our kids, not only for society but also for life. We aim to help children to achieve their full potential. Therefore, we commit ourselves to deliver excellence inall aspects of early childhood education and care.

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