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Health, Nutrition & Fresh Harvest Program

Making the natural interests of your child a potential for growth and development

Welcome to Crown Kiddo Education where we believe in fostering a healthy body and mind from the get-go. Our unique Health, Nutrition, Planting and Harvest Program is an essential part of our curriculum designed specifically for children aged 0-5 years. This program combines hands-on experience in our dedicated learning garden with nutrition education, promoting an understanding of where food comes from, how it grows, and why healthy food choices are important.

The benefits of our Health, Nutrition, Planting and Harvest Program are manifold:

  • Understanding Nutrition: By learning about food and its nutritional value, children develop an understanding of healthy eating habits, promoting a lifetime of good health.
  • Hands-On Learning: Planting and harvesting allow children to connect with nature, develop motor skills, and understand the lifecycle of plants, fostering a love for the environment.
  • Science and Math Skills: Gardening activities offer opportunities to learn scientific concepts (like photosynthesis) and math skills (like counting and measuring) in a fun, real-world context.
  • Responsibility and Patience: Taking care of plants teaches children responsibility, the value of hard work, and the virtue of patience as they watch their plants grow.
  • Physical Activity: Gardening is an excellent source of physical activity, helping children develop strength, coordination, and overall fitness.
  • Social Skills: Working together in the garden encourages cooperation, teamwork, and sharing.
  • Sensory Development: The garden provides a rich environment for developing all of the senses, from feeling the dirt and plants, to smelling the flowers and herbs.

Enroll with us today, and let’s sow the seeds of healthy habits and environmental appreciation in your child’s life!”

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