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Making the natural interests of your child a potential for growth and development

Montessori programs in Hillside, Melbourne

The Montessori education approach provides a clear and easy path for your children to reach their full potential in different aspects of life, not just intellectually. It helps boost your child’s confidence, foster independence, encourage empathy, and so on.

However, it is also important to find the right Montessori programs in Hillside, Melbourne, if you want to ensure that your child receives proper education.

Crown Kiddo offers you just that! We offer a Montessori program in Hillside, Melbourne that shapes the minds and hearts of your little ones.

Supporting Social-Emotional Skills

Our Montessori programs in Hillside, Melbourne, provides a curriculum that develops your kids’ emotional intelligence by socialising and doing fun activities with others. Our Montessori educators guide your children as they try to navigate the school’s environment.

Lending a Helping Hand for Your Child's Cognitive Development

As your child grows older, they must be prepared for the “traditional” school. Therefore, literacy, numeracy, phonics, spelling, comprehension, and calculation are paramount. With Montessori learning, your kids can be ready before they move forward in a new milestone.

Raising Children with Brilliant Minds

Having a brilliant mind doesn’t only mean being smart in academics. That is why our Montessori programs in Hillside, Melbourne always make sure to cover all aspects of Montessori learning in our program. Aside from our indoor program, we extend it to the outdoors—creating more opportunities for the children to socialise and engage in physical activities.

We also have a cultural, sensorial, practical, social, and emotional curriculum that they can carry with them not just in their childhood years but throughout their lives.

The Leading Montessori programs in Hillside, Melbourne
Enrol your kid in the leading Montessori or kindergarten in Hillside, Melbourne, today! And bear witness as they develop into better beings. Call (03) 9390 2100 to book a tour.

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