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How parents choose the right center There are 3 major conditions and aspects:

How parents choose the right center

There are 3 major conditions and aspects:

Environment or Atmosphere?

Environment is always the first impression we have when we walk into a new place because ofthe visual impact. However, a shiny, luxury or modern environment does not represent the quality of care and education.

Environment is about equipment, hardware and surroundings.

Atmosphere is about people there, the feelings you have and they have, the emotions, the interactions, the communications.

As parents, you would like to take tours and carefully select the right atmosphere for yourchildren rather than the environment.

Crown Kiddo is not a service that paysall attention to establishing luxury environments. Instead, we focus on the entire atmosphere. All of the teachers know all the children and all children know all the teachers in our care service.

Babysitters or Educators?

During your visit, having a tour at a center, it is always highly recommended that youhave a conversation with the room educators.You may like to ask about the educational purposes they set up the spaces. You may alsolike to ask about the daily routine, center programs and room programs they offer.

By doing so, you will develop a better sense about the staff’s knowledge in early childhood education if the teacher is at the level as a babysitter or a professional educator.

Crown Kiddo Education provides teachers Professional Development workshops fortnightly. Educators share teaching and learning objectives, learning outcomes, programs and lesson plans for feedback and ideas for improvements.

The founder of the Crown Kiddo Education is a PhD in early childhood education as well as a lecturer teaching Bachelors in education. All PDworkshops run by the founder directly to the educators.

Playful Curriculum or Educational Play Curriculum?

Early childhood aged from birth to 8 years old is the golden period of time maximizing children’s diverse learning and development.

International early childhood research shows that parents should invest the most in children’s early years from birth-8. Only robust development in foundation years can lead to future best successes.

Superficial play activities are wasting our children’stime in their golden ages. However, educational and play-based learning activities can be designed only by professional and well-trained educators for individual talents, interests, developmental needs as well as maximize their higher level of intelligence.

Crown Kiddo Education offers 7 curriculums and programs all day long at the service.

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